Students participating in CBET receive:


English Language Instruction

Child Care (Ages 3 and up)




CBET Curriculum Incorporates:

Stand Out, an adult education standards-based curriculum.

Family Literacy Videos and Home-To-School series.

English-language acquisition modules based on family needs, Compact for Success and various SUHSD programs.

CASAS pre and post English language assessment.

CBET Means:

Free English language classes to parents and other community members.

ESL Curriculum highlighting the District’s secondary program and focusing on the needs of parents and students at secondary school sites.

Parents learning to be involved in their children’s education and language development.

Information to help support successful educational outcomes for all members of the family.

Parents/Community Members volunteering to tutor school age-children in English.

Participating Schools

Bonita Vista Middle School
Castle Park High School
Castle Park Middle School
Chula Vista High School
Chula Vista Middle School
* Eastlake Elementary School
Eastlake High School
Granger Junior High
* Hilltop Elementary School
Hilltop Middle School
Hilltop High School
Mar Vista Middle School
Mar Vista High School
Montgomery Middle School
Montgomery High School
National City Middle School
Otay Ranch High School
Southwest Middle School
Southwest High School
Sweetwater High School

* Collaboration with Chula Vista Elementary School District

For information or questions please contact:

Melinda Geyer,
CBET Resource Teacher

Alicia Dávila, Office Assistant

Phone: (619) 691-5465
Fax: 427-6598
E-Mail: alicia.davila@suhsd.k12.ca.us

Alma Pirazzini

District Academic Support
466 Moss St. (rear bldg)
Chula Vista, CA 91911